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 Duane Brovan
Duane Brovan, Photographer and Owner of  Great Perspective Photography and NorCal Sports Images.
31281 Withrow Road, Shingletown, CA 96088
Phone/Text: (530) 355-0908

About Duane Brovan

Duane Brovan has been using digital photography equipment since March 2000 and started with a point-n-shoot and now is on his third DSLR, and has been following the digital photography expansion from its early years.
In July 2000 he started his career in commercial photography and has taken many hotels/motels/residential properties along with product shoots for web and ad materials.
Since 2008 he has been instructing photographers on digital camera basics, portraits, sports and scenic photography, plus many workshops on using Lightroom in their digital workflow. As his students improve their photographic abilities and need to purchase better equipment, Duane gives them advice on the gear needed to take them to the next level.
August 2009 Duane started taking action sports images and opened NorCal Sports Images, which offers local youth and adult sports images on-line through his photo shopping cart.
April 2012 Duane opened a photography studio in downtown Shingletown and started taking portraits with Andrea Penners. The studio provides portraits ranging from a single person to large groups in the studio and on-location, or at local events using their event photo booth.
Duane has been performing digital photo processing since 2003 and has processed over 400,000 images using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (2007) in his digital workflow.
Duane is a member of the Shasta Photo Club and Shasta Canon DSLR Camera Group.